Apple Pencil lag

Anybody else have terrible lag while using Apple Pencil? I’ve had it for maybe the past 4-5 updates, and my subscription just auto-renewed so I’m not super pleased since I can’t really use the app.

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I have not had any issues. Do you need to replace the tip? Try removing it and attaching it again. :woman_shrugging:t3:

It works great perfectly except with this app.

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I’m trying to reproduce this on my end, but no luck so far –

  • If you draw some ink inside the built-in Apple Notes app, is the lag apparent there, too?
  • Is the lag also present in Penbook’s Scratchpad? (“Sidebar” button in bottom-right → Scratchpad → try inking the writing strip that appears
  • Would you be able to take a video of the lag with another device? If so, you can upload the video to this URL and I’ll receive it privately:

I am having lag now too. When I use the color wheel to make a custom color, when I edit a pen, and when I write on an imported pdf.

Sorry it’s affecting you too - can you please upload a video for me? You can do so here:

I’m getting this again. Just upgraded my iOS today (17.0.3) and pencil lag is definitely worse on penbook. No problems in notes or when using scribble though. Would it help if i did a video too?

A video would be very helpful, thank you!