Whole app is lagging :(

I love love love penbook and all the updates, but my whole app this evening is lagging. my ipad is updated, it’s plugged in, internet is fine, pen is charged, but when i’m trying to change colors, use stickers or c&p, there is a huge lag or it just freezes i’ve restarted the app multiple times & restarted my ipad. pls help :pleading_face: I have so much homework lol

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Really sorry to hear Penbook’s working so poorly. Can you please upload a video of you using the app? You can upload long videos at this link: https://penbook.portal.massive.app

I submitted the video!

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Got it – thanks very much. Trying to reproduce the issue now :slight_smile:

Could you please go into the app, tap :bust_in_silhouette: Account, then ‘Get Support’? This will send me some logs from your device (maybe mention this thread in the support email, so I know who’s sending them in).

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