Anyone else’s app glitchy since updates?

My app keeps glitching in various ways. the lasso tool not working properly, delayed erase/write, issue with selecting other pens, lag when flipping between pages, recognizing lines as ovals, etc. anyone else?

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That sounds annoying! Are you on iOS 16 or iOS 17?

Mine is also recognizing lines as ovals. There have been some other strange things too, but I have been busy and don’t remember what happened. I have the latest iPad OS.

Thanks - do you remember when this started for you (days or weeks ago)?

it is so annoying :joy: but I still exclusively use pen book. I’m on iOS 17.0.2 but an update to 17.0.3 comes out tonight.

I would say right around time of the update

I also am unable to use the lasso tool, it just pans the page instead.

I think it stopped recognizing lines after the big update.

Thanks - are you on iOS 16 or iOS 17?

I am on iOS 17. I have discovered that it does recognize lines if they are straight enough. I think it was more forgiving earlier, but long lines are recognized very well.

Something I have discovered is that if I use the lasso tool, it easily scrolls to the previous page. The ink is quite far from the edge of the paper when it starts to happen.

I have another problem that has been there longer. I have had the app about a year, but do not remember when I did this the first time. When I resize and move around several stickers, and press undo, all of them ends up in a heap on top of each other. Redo to get them back does not work. I have to move each one in place and resize manually. Quite annoying. It also happens if I have done other tings after adding stickers, and happen to press undo one extra time.

Thanks for the info - we do tweak the shape recognition as sometimes it gets too aggressive. I will look into it and also the stickers/undo issue.

Yes, mabe that is why I think it behaves differently. It recognized lines that were more inaccurate earlier. I just have to adapt to the new limits.

Another issue I have is that if I press undo after using shape recognition nothing happens. It does not undo the recognition. I think it has been like that all the time. Neither does it undo the line itself. I have to erase it if it turns out wrong. And that is not so good if I have drawn something on top of something else. I may end up erasing everything.

Thanks for listening to us users. It makes a great app even better. I am using PenBook almost daily.

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Thanks for the kind words. You’re right - there is a bug in the undo stack with regards to shape recognition, thanks for the report. We’ll try to improve it.