Palm/Finger rejection totally unusable (with M4 iPad and Apple Pencil Pro)

Not sure if it is different since I am using the newest iPad with the newest pencil but for me, Penbook is totally unusable right now. I am a new user and it’s by far the first choice of sketch apps I would like to use. But as it stands right now even with the settings as described in several threads (for both the Apple Pencil system settings and the Penbook swipe settings), every single time I go to draw the page moves. Is anyone else using Penbook with the newest M4 iPad Pro and the newest Apple Pencil Pro?

UPDATE: if I turn OFF the settings for “Swipe left/right to turn pages” and turn OFF the setting for “Swipe up/down to see pages/home” then it seems to be fine… I apologize if I misread the threads discussing this. I thought those threads were saying to keep them on.