App still crashing after 6.0.1 update

Mine is still crashing after update


Can you please let me know:

  • When the crash occurs (immediately after you try to open the app? Later? etc.)
  • What kind of device you’re using
  • Which version of iOS you’re running (You can check by going to your device’s Settings app, then General > About.)

Sorry for the trouble!

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Of course! So it crashes when I try to make a pen stroke or more the tool bar, timing doesn’t appear to matter. I’m running the latest version 16.5.1 same with pen book I have 6.1, with the new updatefrom today I believe. Thanks so much!

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Is the bug fairly reliable (easy for you to trigger)? If so, if you could take a screen recording and upload it at this link, that would help a ton. Thanks a lot.

I have the same bug. I have sent you the screen recording of it.

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@Lunrescape I’m pretty sure the latest version (v6.0.2, just went live) should fix this for you. Can you please let me know if it does?