6.1 beta 2 (iOS 17)


  • Added Crayon, Monoline, Watercolor, and Fountain Pen tools (iOS 17 only)

Installed iPadOS 17 beta so hopped on this one too! I don’t really push the boundaries of this app so might not have any feedback but I’ll say if anything pops up! Love the new forum btw.


Great to have you :slight_smile: There’s a known issue with the lasso not working in iOS 17 - are you seeing this too?

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I admit I have never used the lasso tool on iPad before so I do not know how it should work. But yes the lasso tool does not work for me when I tried right now, it just does nothing and behaves like I have no tool selected. Might be an iOS 17 issue since the lasso tool also has strange behavior in the stock notes app.

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Good to know that it’s misbehaving in the built-in Notes app too – definitely seems like an iOS 17 issue but maybe there’s something we can do in the meantime to get around it, we’ll look into it.

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