I've lost my Fountain Pen

I love the app, went ahead and got premium as well.

However, in the writing tools panel, I accidentally tapped on the pencil type instead of the colour while changing my fountain pen. My pen turned into a pencil and I cannot for the life of me find where to get back my fountain pen - the settings only show a ballpoint pen, highlighter, or pencil. Am I missing something or have I lost that pen forever?

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Hi Anais, thank you for supporting us :slight_smile:

Are you running the latest version of iPadOS? You can check by opening your iPad’s Settings app, then tapping “General” in the leftmost column, then “About” in the right column. You should see an iPadOS Version of 17 or greater, like the screenshot below.

If you see iPadOS 17 here, and the issue persists, let me know and we’ll keep troubleshooting. If you don’t see iPadOS 17 here though, go back to “General” and tap “Software Update” to update to iPadOS 17 - that will probably fix it.

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That did the trick, thank you! It also comprehensively changed how the fountain pen operates (for the better!) so positive news.

Thanks again!

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