Tool between pencil and ballpoint?

I’d like a writing tool that has the opacity of the ink pens, but the pressure dynamics of the pencil tool. The pencil is best for making my half-cursive handwriting more readable, but I like the opacity of the ink in the other tools; the pencil can be a bit light for me, even using dark colors.

The pencil also sporadically goes all fuzzy while I’m writing, like in this screenshot. It happens inconsistently, even when I’m not tilting my stylus.

Thanks - what version of iOS do you have on your iPad?

I have version 17.0.3

Thanks, iOS 17 is still a bit shakey with the new improvements to the pencil canvas but they’re fixing bugs at a good pace. Regarding the new more opaque pencil, I’ll take a look if there is a way we can make that happen (we’re limited in a large degree by what Apple allows).

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