6.1 beta 17 - Home stretch

Almost done!


  • Added a workaround for non-functional lasso on iOS 17
  • Fixed Text Notes being unable to move
  • Fixed PDF stationery yellow background
  • New default tools for fresh installs
  • Fixed Purge and Restore buttons not appearing for deleted books in Settings
  • Tapping “Add Tool” now lets you configure and try the tool before adding it
  • Fixed thumbnails not updating when a PDF stationery is changed
  • Added a warning for users upgrading to 6.1 from pervious versions – using iOS 16 on another sync’d device may cause ink loss

Known issues

  • Users who use iOS 17 to add new ink types to their pages, then open those pages on a sync’d iOS 16 device, may lose their ink for that page
  • On iPhone, the Export menu (⋯) is misaligned