Weekly calendars

is it possible to have the weekly calendars without the hours on the side? I use weekly often but the times are a bit distracting. I also wanted to know if there was a “standard” type of weekly template, example being like a standard notebook planner/agenda. i’ve attached a photo!

I would be open to do this with importing pdfs of these, but haven’t found a solid way to make that work with penbook.

thank you!!!

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You are right, this type of layout is not quite possible. Sounds like something that would be a great addition to the current set of weekly stationery!

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you guys rock! the time makes me antsy and I feel like i’m running out :joy: is there a way to remove the time on the side? I usually use a sticker or line.

Sorry, not yet, and you already found the workaround I would have suggested :smiley: Great feedback though, I’m moving this to the feature request section.

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