Synced Calendar Event Appearance

Is there away to change the appearance of events from synced calendars? On the full month page, only full-day events are written out, whereas events with specified times are indicated to exist with a little square. I really prefer working in a month view so it would really help to see everything.

In the weekly view, the titles get shortened and I can’t see the actual times either. Is there an way to change this? Also, is there a way to make the event appear as a full block instead of bracketed?

Sorry if I missed it in the manual! I looked through it but didn’t see anything.,

We’re limited in space to what we can show on those pages. I’d love to hear how you imagined it would be presented, since it’s a very small rectangle that covers a whole day? Our goal was also to leave some space in the day’s block for writing and annotating.

Understandable! I was picturing a bulleted list that would have the start time and maybe the first 10-15 characters or so? Maybe there could be an option to expand it and show all vs contract and indicate events with squares. And for the weekly view, I was picturing a solid block (light like a highlight) that fills in the whole area of the time it will take up. Maybe this is something that could change with the template style?
The calendar sync really is a wonderful feature! It’s game changing, and I really appreciate its inclusion in the app.