Show different calendars on different books

I have created multiple books and was wondering if there is a way to display only certain calendars and have them differ between books?

From what I see, the calendars are either ON or OFF for the entire app and not for each book.

The use case would be the following:
Work Calendar Book
Show work events
Show Holidays
Show Personal Appointments

Personal Calendar Book
Show Personal Appointments
Show Scheduled Workouts (Fitness Calendar)
Show Holidays

As you can see, the fitness was added to personal and business was removed from the personal book. This would allow me writing space on my personal book to maybe do meal planning or additional errands without my work calendar overlaying everything.



Hi Stephen, there isn’t a way to do this yet, but it’s a very good idea and it’s on our list. Thanks for the detailed feature request and usage scenario, very nice. Moving this over to the Feature Requests section in case other users want to chime in.

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