Apple reminders integration?

Hi, I found your app after searching a long time something to help me stay organised with my adhd and asd. Godsend! I use the free version at the moment, but am almost convinced to that this is the app that will continue to save me from myself.

I use my single notebook as somewhere mostly to keep all my notes from meetings, lists of packing and todos across the different areas of my life and my daily organiser. The only thing that I feel is lacking at the moment is being able to have recurring task lists, possibly similar to how the calendar can be shown now. I’m not tech savvy really so that might be an over simplified statement.

I currently have all my individual lists on one page on sticky notes. At the beginning of the week I copy and paste them to each new day that I need them on. It works, don’t get me wrong, but for my situation personally it’d make life a lot easier if I could even just have a way to choose a list to display from Apple reminders, or a dedicated list page within the notebook. To have the choice to display a smart list from Apple reminders would be even better, then I can see what overdue tasks I have and it would help with my distraction levels.

To be brutally honest I have been looking at the app AJournal, as you can display reminders lists and calendar, as well as interact with them, but I just much prefer using Penbook, the look, and other reasons I can’t really put into words. Penbook just feels better.

TLDR: can you please add Apple reminders list display?


Thank you for the suggestion - we are looking to see if we can do something like that! :slight_smile:

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