PDF Import Crashing App

I need to create 4 notebooks by uploading PDFs- I have two PDFs and I need two notebooks of each for my kids’ school. I have one of them uploaded after crashing multiple times, but all the other ones I cannot upload, it’s just crash city.
Is anyone else having this problem, are there work arounds? I tried creating a blank notebook and then adding the PDF as pages instead of using the PDF import button but that made it crash as well.

Sorry to hear that - can you describe these PDFs (are they large in MB? many pages?). It would be even better if you’re able to share one of them with us through the support link on the Account tab, as long as it doesn’t have any confidential or sensitive information.

Yes they are large, I’m not comfortable sharing them through support which is why I came here :sweat_smile:. Is there a size limit? One of them did go through (though after multiple crashes) and another that I need is the same size.

Not a problem! Can you tell us a bit about PDFs so we can try to recreate this bug (recreating it on our end makes it much easier to fix) - how many megabytes are the files, how many pages do they have, and anything else special about them (embedded photos? forms?)

Thanks :slight_smile: