iCloud sync not working?

Hello - my iCloud sync has stopped working for no reason I can see. Any thoughts on how to get it working again please? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you describe the cloud icon on Penbook home screen and what it says when you tap it?

My iCloud sync is also not working. I have triple checked my settings but keep getting this message in my app.

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Thanks for the screenshot - here are some pointers that may help us figure out what’s going on:
First, make sure to backup Penbook as shown there, in case you lose local data as we look for a solution.
Do you have another iOS device that you can install Penbook on and see if it syncs?
Have you tried signing out your Apple ID from your iPad (under iPad Settings, Apple ID settings), then signing back in? Often iPad gets in a state where Apple ID is not properly signed in and causes issues like this.

Let us know what you find…

I signed out and back in to my Apple ID and that did not work. I have penbook on my iPhone as well and the app on my iPhone does not show that I have a Premium Lifetime subscription (I purchased on my iPad but both my iPad and iPhone use the same iCloud and all other apps are synced). My iPhone app does say it is synced to my iCloud though.

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Following. I’m having the same issue.

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Hi Ambre - have you contacted us yet via support link? We’re trying to reproduce this issue and the more information we have the better. Use Get Support link in About box to send us your diagnostics and mention in the text it’s Ambre, thanks!

I am having the same issue. I have signed out of apple, deleted and reinstalled penbook on my phone and my ipad as well as get exactly the same message as seala16. However neither my iPhone or my iPad is syncing. I submitted the issue via the support link on Sept 17 which includes the diagnostics from my iPad. I LOVE everything about this app (which is why I’m a lifetime member). So I hope we can get this fixed ASAP.

If there was a way to it I would attempt to use my OneDrive instead.


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Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you! Hope the instructions I sent help.

Thanks Ben. It worked for a minute and then stopped. :frowning:. I followed the steps on my iPad, it synced and then when I opened it on my phone the error came back and now it won’t sync again. I am at a loss at why this is happening. When I first downloaded the program it was syncing just fine. Help!

Hold please…I am in the process of updating my iPad software. This may fix it. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Ok. Even after updating to iOS 17 it still won’t sync.

We have just released Penbook 6.2 which may help with this, are you able to give it a try?

Trying it today. I will keep you posted!

Had the same issue. Perhaps this will help.

I have Penbook on an iPhone and iPad both running iOS 17.0.2

The iCloud sync was working fine on the iPhone but not in the iPad. I backed up Penbook. Then went into iCloud and turned the sync with Penbook off. Shutdown the iPad. Rebooted, turned iCloud sync back in iCloud, and started Penbook. Restored the backup and it seems to be working now.

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I still have both of these same issues as of 10/11/23

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Any updates with this issue? I still have not been able to sync my iPad’s penboook data to my iCloud. I have tried all suggestions from above and have just been working around this issue for months by using screenshots. Very frustrating and becoming an actual problem for productivity and workflow.

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Sorry you’re still being affected by this. I’m still working on finding a solution for this behavior that helps everyone. Sync not working is a common symptom with many root causes unfortunately.

A few things to try - sorry if any of them seem obvious, but each one of these has helped a user fix sync on their devices.

  • Verify that sync works in Apple Notes, Calendar, Files, etc. across your devices. (If it doesn’t, that hints at an issue with your Apple ID.)
  • Make sure there’s no outstanding issues in your device’s Settings app. Prompts that ask you to accept new terms and conditions, etc., can prevent sync from working
  • Make sure your Apple ID is signed in as both your device’s iCloud account and your device’s App Store account.
  • Ensure you’re using the latest iOS/iPadOS on each device, and that automatic updates are enabled