Having trouble with lost books

I recently had an issue with the app not opening for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app only to loose all of my information. Is there a way to get my books back?

Are you logged into iCloud with that iPad? Your books are synced to iCloud, so installing Penbook with the same Apple ID and making sure iCloud sync is enabled should sync the books back to the device.

I do not have an iPAD. I have Lenovo

On Windows it really depends how you setup your files: Penbook keeps all of your files locally.

The second time around I’ve had to save it manually. But the Penbook app help says there’s a storage where the company keeps our stuff. I really need those notes for school.

Are you on a company/school network that manages your device? Also, are you using Sharepoint with your laptop by any chance?

No it’s private. My own laptop and my home internet. I Uninstalled and reinstalled it the program because it wouldn’t open and lost all my books. Your help suggestions said Penbook stores all our data at a link provided but it took me to a page that didn’t exist. I downloaded the app from the Microsoft Store on my laptop.

Sorry to hear that, Windows Penbook relies on One Drive (within the UWP platform) to handle all storage. Did anything happen with your laptop when Penbook started hanging? Was it low on space or anything like that?

No. I was creating a new book for notes on a subject. I saw you can customize your own cover so I used a picture in my storage and I found it that was why the app wouldn’t open anymore.

Thanks for all the details - we’re having trouble reproducing it on our end, so it’s very hard to say what happened and where the data. Did you have any backups of your computer from that time?

No I don’t think so.