I lost a Penbook (Windows)

Hi, I started to use Penbook short time ago but I have a big problem
I cannot find a Penbook i wrote tuesday
If I go in the folder AppData where Penbooks are stored there are the pages that I wrote, but it does not appear anywhere in the app
Please help me, they are very important.
P.s. please forgive my english, it is not my first language

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Hi Marcolino, that’s awful to hear, I’m very sorry our app failed you like this. Can you please contact support through the app? (Tap :bust_in_silhouette:Account, then “Get Support”). It will send me some troubleshooting data.

Hi Ben, Thank you for replying
I did solve my problem, so I do not need assistence anymore
I will also post how I solved it, so people that will have the same can try my procedure

As I said I find my Penbook in the AppData folder, so I was sure it wasn’t lost; the problem was elsewere.
In the same folder there was two documents, pageorder and penbook, and I saw I can open them with notepad, and I saw i can also modify it.
The file that was wrong was penbook that had the name of the folder written badly
Maybe, when i changed in-app the name of the folder where I want to storage that Penbook the app crashed before it could change for that specific Penbook, but than I change the name of the folder and that reappered

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