Penbook needs MEGA updates - So frustrated

I was near the end of my lecture and I clicked on add a page, little did I know, I’d end up crying right after. My previous page full to the brim with notes literally just disappeared, no trace no nothing, just gone. I couldn’t back up my penbook either because I just started using it. I was really excited to get penbook because of a youtube video that was raving about it, now I really want a refund. Is there a way I can get my page back? It absolutely sucks compared to goodnotes. I can’ t resize anything, can’t change the colour of my text after I have written it down, and when I want to add stickers or washi tape, I can’t even see what I wrote, meaning I can’t place it where I want to. AND they don’t even have a feature where you can recover a lost/deleted page. Genuinely so frustrated. Also for the love of God, make a feature where you can elongate your washi tape horizontally, not just vertically. You guys charge goodnote prices, but don’t have basic features, make it make sense.