Customising pages

I’m sure I’m being very slow here, but I’m struggling to workout how to customise the pages when creating a new notebook! I used to be able to use the “framed” page, but change the page colour to a yellowy parchment colour rather than the pinky colour it comes with. What am I missing please??

Thanks! :smiley:

Well it’s not your fault! The new Create book tab received a complete overhaul so it can’t do everything that page template editor can. But there’s an easy way around it: just go to any page, edit its template and make it look the way you want. When it looks correct tap the Heart icon to make it your fave, and now that layout will show up in your Fave tag when creating a new book.

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Hi! I just started using the app again today after a long hiatus and decided to get make the lifetime purchase. As soon as I did, I found that I can’t find a way to edit the templates anymore like you’re saying in your post. I’m obviously missing something. How to I do things like change paper color and add or remove date/time stamps?

And as soon as I posted this, I figured it out. Lol!


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