Financial page templates and layers

Any possibility to add financial pages in future updates? Specifically check registers and maybe budgeting worksheets? Nothing advisory, just fill-in templates.

Also, I tend to create my own templates, so it would be amazing if we could have a layer option where we could create content on one layer and then add a second layer to add content while allowing the first layer to be copied to another page or notebook without worrying about content disappearing/being erased/carrying over content that’s not wanted.

Thanks so much, I love this app!


That’s a really good suggestion, thanks – we’ve talked about financial stationery in the past but weren’t sure if it would be useful to anyone :smiley:

Also, I tend to create my own templates

It might be a bit simpler than what you’re looking for, but have you tried the PDF import feature for this? When you’re writing on a page, tap the ellipsis (⋯) menu in the topmost toolbar, and choose ‘Insert PDF as template’. You can then select a PDF, and that PDF will ‘take over’ the page. If you then add a page, your new page will inherit your old page’s format, including your custom PDF template.

I would love financial stationary.

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I comepletely agree with this. I was actually just going to request it as feature.

It would be very useful to have budgeting notebooks and sheets, premade ones are helpful but also templates where you can create your own.

I like to have all my things in one place and if my budgeting things were in the same place as well it would make things a ton easier :laughing:

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Hey thanks for chiming in. I’d love any examples you can provide of the kind of paper you’re looking for - you can DM me or reply here.