Financial page templates and layers

Any possibility to add financial pages in future updates? Specifically check registers and maybe budgeting worksheets? Nothing advisory, just fill-in templates.

Also, I tend to create my own templates, so it would be amazing if we could have a layer option where we could create content on one layer and then add a second layer to add content while allowing the first layer to be copied to another page or notebook without worrying about content disappearing/being erased/carrying over content that’s not wanted.

Thanks so much, I love this app!


That’s a really good suggestion, thanks – we’ve talked about financial stationery in the past but weren’t sure if it would be useful to anyone :smiley:

Also, I tend to create my own templates

It might be a bit simpler than what you’re looking for, but have you tried the PDF import feature for this? When you’re writing on a page, tap the ellipsis (⋯) menu in the topmost toolbar, and choose ‘Insert PDF as template’. You can then select a PDF, and that PDF will ‘take over’ the page. If you then add a page, your new page will inherit your old page’s format, including your custom PDF template.