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I would like a simpler way of structuring a journal. Currently when I want to add more pages to an existing book it duplicates the current page I’m on. From there I can replace the duplicate with another option from create. Reordering and adding several more page types isn’t easy to do without moving around the view and pressing many different buttons.

I see myself wanting to use this with client and accidentally replacing a page in the attempt to add a new kind of page, or something like that. When I’m with clients I need things to be insanely simple as I’m wanting to to be as focused as possible on the relationship and the interaction.

Thanks a bunch for the fun app! I hope I can integrate it in my life in a sweet way.


Thank you for chiming in! Are you able to be more specific and describe an example book you would like to have, and the type of pages you’d like to add on the fly and how it relates to your workflow?

For example: you like to have daily calendar pages, but you want to be able to easily add a graph paper without too many button presses.

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If you haven’t had the chance yet, please check out the 6.2 beta. It adds a much richer custom notebook creator where you can specify sections with repeating page sequences. I’d love to hear if this helps you use the app the way you want to.

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