Wrist/hand resting on screen issues

It might be that I’m a complete newbie, but I’m noticing that if I rest my hand or wrist against the screen of my iPad as I write with my Apple Pencil that it is immediately picked up as input and zooms in/out or makes other changes to the screen. I have my settings such that I’m not “writing” or making marks on the page with that input, but was wondering if there is some sort of setting or something I can adjust to stop this from happening.

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Hi Noel - one of the advantages of Apple Pencil is that iPad knows when you’re holding it and it should prevent your wrist from triggering the screen. Can you tell me a bit more about your setup, is this Apple Pencil 1, 2 or USB-C? Does your hand also make marks on the screen, or just zooms and pans? Thanks!

I also experience sometimes that it zooms in when I rest my hand on the screen. I have Apple Pencil 2, and it is set up to not draw with the finger. I have to be careful how I put my hand on the screen, but sometimes it happens anyway.


Thanks @Tricreative - have you emailed us yet? Would be helpful to get your support info, by going to Account icon on Penbook home screen and tapping Get Support.

This the same issue I’m having. You communicated it much better than I did, @Tricreative! @slaven, I’ll shoot an email over beginning of next week with some more details.

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In case anyone else stumbles on this topic and has the same problem, here’s something to check if you’re seeing this behavior in Penbook or other Apple Pencil apps:

Enable Pencil-Only Drawing:

  1. Open your iPad’s Settings app
  2. Tap Pencil (left column)
  3. Turn ON the switch labeled Only Draw with Apple Pencil
  4. Open Penbook
  5. Tap :gear:Settings in the topmost menu
  6. Make sure Swipe left/right to turn pages and Swipe up/down to see pages/home are checked

This is an iPad-wide setting that many apps, including Apple Notes and Penbook, rely on to determine how the user wants their Pencil to act.

In Penbook’s case, enabling this switch causes Penbook to interpret all finger input as gestures (turn the page, etc.) while only allowing the Pencil to ink. (This setting should be enabled for other active styluses too, like the Logitech Crayon, Zagg Pro, etc.)

If you have a ‘passive’ stylus – basically, one without a battery – you should leave this setting off, because your iPad can’t tell the difference between a passive stylus and your finger.

If you have the Only Draw with Apple Pencil setting enabled, and this still affects you like @Noel and @Tricreative describe upthread, one thing that can help is giving your Apple Pencil a little wiggle before writing with it. To conserve battery, Apple Pencil will go to sleep very quickly while not in use. A pause while note taking with the Pencil on the table might be long enough for it to doze off. Wiggling it to wake it lets the iPad know that a Pencil is close to the screen at the same time your wrist the screen, improving wrist/palm rejection.

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