Tilt/azimuth sensitivity on fountain pen

With the pencil tool, if you hold the Apple Pencil at an angle, the stroke responds; moving parallel to the Pencil angle will make a thin solid line, while moving perpendicular to the angle will make a wider lighter stroke, like a real pencil would.

But the fountain pen tool doesn’t do this. Strokes running north-south are wide and strokes running east-west are thin, regardless of the Pencil angle. I want it to act like the pencil tool, but in reverse, as befits a calligraphy nib: perpendicular movement makes thin lines, parallel movement makes thick ones.

Thank - this one is a bit out of our hands, Fountain pen tool was designed to work like that by Apple (it’s cross-compatible with Notes). I think they wanted to provide something that worked completely differently to existing tools.

Madness! Who holds a flat nib at a perfect and unchanging 90° angle?! I mean I’m no calligraphy expert but if you’re hard-coding the angle for a nib like this then surely it’s got to be 45°!

I will file this feedback with Apple, they actually listen to how people use these things and sometimes correct their approach :slight_smile:

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