Passive stylus users cannot leave the Stationery Options without making a mark on the page

Is there a way to return to the full page from stationary options without writing on the page?

The stationary options shows a preview of the page, but I do not see a confirm/select/back button to select the stationary.

It seems the only way to return is to tap on the page preview. And when tapping on the page preview, I’m actually writing on the page and leaving a mark to undo/erase.

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Good catch - you don’t have an active stylus like Apple Pencil (you can normally tap with your finger to avoid writing when using the stylus)?

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Hey @Prush, I think we can fix this pretty easily - I’ve moved it to the feature request section while we work on it. Thanks again for the report.

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Awesome Ben! Thanks.

Slaven, using Apple Pencil, the stationary remains small in preview window. You have to use finger to select it, but that then marks the page.

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I think you’ll like how this is resolved in 6.1 - you can now dismiss the stationery picker (and other similar screens, like the Minimap) by tapping the grey background outside the white page border. It won’t leave a mark even if you have a writing tool active.

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