Adding Duplicate Pages

It would be great to be able to make several copies of a page. I would like to upload a pdf and use on daily or weekly basis as a planner or diary prompt.


Great idea. Would this always be a single-page PDF? Or would you want to use a multiple-page PDF as a repeating template within a notebook?

I think having the option to use either single or multiple page pdfs would be helpful. Even if we could make a duplicate of the current page that includes all our written notes and attachments would be nice.


I think this request is nicely handled in 6.1 (let me know if you disagree though :slight_smile: )

  • You can now set a PDF as your page’s stationery, and add identical pages by tapping the “Add Page” button
  • The “Copy Page” functionality (from long-pressing on a page in the Minimap) will now carry over your attachments and ink

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