Export selected pages?

Hi - is it possible to export selected pages please? Sometimes I add things to one notebook which I want to export to a folder on my computer, but I can’t see how to do that. Thanks for any help!

At the right top corner of the page you see three dots. Press them and you will find «share page» in the menu. This saves the page as an image, and you can choose where to put it. (It is high resolution, good for printing.)

I use iPad.

That’s helpful, thank you.

Next question is - is it possible to select multiple pages to share as one file? I want export them to my MacBook via AirDrop to add to a folder once the job is complete, and it would be easier to have them all as one file rather than laboriously exporting each individual page and then combining them as a PDF.

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Not yet, but there should be - thanks for the suggestion.