6.4 beta 4: More room for notebooks

We’ve submitted our first beta for v6.4, beta 4. We’re trying to make the Shelf work better for those of you with lots of notebooks. You’ll see a new button, “Grid”. Tap it to let the Shelf take over your entire screen. Searching here is a lot nicer than in the single-row view, and it all feels a bit less claustrophobic.


I snuck in a little QOL feature for those of you with big iPads: you can now the writing tool container has a drag bar for pinning the tools to the top or bottom of your writing canvas. I mainly use a 12.9" iPad in portrait so pinning the tools to the top of the page helps me access them.


Other things:

  • Fixed a missing “back” button when adding stickers or text on iPhone
  • Fixed some autodating bugs with Live Paper
  • Conditionally removing the selection lasso workaround when possible