Penbook 6.1, better PDF support and new brushes

Penbook 6.1 is live! Thanks to all of our beta testers who put it through its paces over the summer.

v6.1 Changelog

New features

  • PDFs can now be inserted into existing notebooks
  • PDFs can now be used as custom stationery
  • PDF hyperlinks now work
  • New brushes: Monoline, watercolor, fountain pen, and crayon
  • New drawing toolbar: up to 12 tools, reorderable

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where PDF pages weren’t getting internal IDs
  • Fixed being unable to move Text Notes
  • Fixed calendars getting stale
  • Fixed mirrored toolbar text when the toolbar was on the left side
  • Fixed drawing tool settings not persisting

Known issues

  • Using the lasso causes the system drawing toolbar to appear (this is a workaround for a nasty iOS 17 bug)