The position of the lines changes

It looks like I found a bug. The position of the lines on the sheet changes when I zoom the page a little and the text jumps. Here is two screenshots.

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Definitely looks like you found a bug. Thanks a lot for the screenshots. When you send in your logs I’ll try to reproduce this on my end and we’ll get a fix out.

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I experience the same thing. I have seen it on a calendar page.

It is even worse on top of a PDF.

It seems that the PDF sometimes is also zooming on its own, so it opens with a smaller size sometimes. And the lines ends up outside the sheet. When I zoom and go back and forth between pages it will get back.
I am not able to scroll the PDF pages by swiping. Must use the arrows at the bottom.

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Hey @Tricreative, that looks really annoying - sorry this bug is affecting you like this.

Can you please send in your logs (:bust_in_silhouette:Account → Get Support, please mention this conversation), and if you don’t mind sharing it, the PDF you’re using as well?

This way I can get as close as possible to how your iPad is set up while we try to fix this.

I have been experiencing this issue since day 1. I think there was a version where it happened less frequently, but with the latest version its back to being recurrent. The only way to fix this is by closing the app and opening again. It takes about 3 new pages in to appear again.

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does anyone know if this issue has been fixed? I’ve been trying to take notes for the last few days and it’s driving me nuts :sweat_smile:

We just released a fix for the ink alignment bug in Penbook v6.0.3 - thanks for your patience and bug reports :slight_smile:

Check the App Store for Penbook 6.0.3 (you can see which version you’re running in Penbook by tapping :bust_in_silhouette:Account, then scrolling down).

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