Ruled stationery with leading

French Ruled stationery has three minor rules between each major rule. Imagine that the topmost minor rule was the same color as the major rule, and the other two minor rules were gone.

That is what I want: regular ruled paper with a little extra space (leading) between each line, so my handwriting’s ascenders and descenders have some room to breathe. I’ve tried using French Ruled paper for this, but it requires just a little too much mental effort.

One possibility would be to give us independent control of the color of each minor rule, but then people would wonder why all the other stationery didn’t have those kinds of options. I would love many more options on all stationery, but I’m aware of how fraught this kind of open-ended feature request is. So maybe I just want a new stationery style altogether.

Thanks for your time, and if I’ve missed something that gets me closer to what I want than French Ruled, I’d love to hear about it.

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Great idea, I think I get what you mean - sort of a 1.2x-spaced (as opposed to single-spaced or double-spaced) rule? I don’t think anything in the app right now could be contorted into this, but it a paper with some breathing room between rules would be a nice addition to a handwriting/calligraphy set.

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