Ruled line opacity slider on premades

Hey Penbook folks,

I really like the style and attention to design y’all have put into the Editions and the default stationeries, but your tastes vary from mine in one important way: the darkness of ruled lines (or grid lines) in almost every default is too dark for me and interferes with the legibility of my writing. So I find something I like but then have to modify every page to turn line opacity down.

Would it be possible to promote the ruled line line opacity slider to the “Create Notebook” flow (including via Editions)?

I can imagine a variety of ways to do this, and given the design y’all have come up with for Penbook you can probably imagine better ones. :blue_heart:


Great point - I can imagine some other opportunities for customizing a book at the ‘Create Notebook’ stage too.


Penbook 6.2 has a new ‘Create’ tab that might address this - you can tweak stationeries just the way you like them, then tap the :heart: to add them to your ‘Faves’. Once they’re in there, the new Create tab will let you create a book from a mix of all the app’s stationery, including your Faves list. Hope it helps.

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