Recent palette selection

Hello! I’d love to see a feature implemented that moves the most recently selected palette all the way to the left so I don’t have to scroll and find it again.

The palettes are one of my most favorite and most used features so this would make a huge difference to my work flow.

Apologies if this has already been requested. I didn’t see it.

Thank you!

Thanks - just to be clear, you’d like the palette order to change based on the last picked color? So if you pick a color from the 5th palette, that palette should be promoted to the front?

We’ll take a look, I’m a bit worried it might confuse some people but we’ll see how it works in practice.

Yes! That is exactly what I am hoping for. Thank you so much for taking a look.

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We added a new feature rolling out to the store today to allow you to Fave palettes you use a lot, which will place them first in the list (by order of when you faved it). We couldn’t quite have all palettes auto-arrange based on last used as that might have confused users who don’t expect it to behave like that. Hope it helps! :smiley:

Wow, thank you so much! That is awesome!!


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